Témoignages de notre réseau d’acheteurs

« I just want to comment overall, APVSA is an excellent and exceptionally effective tool (possibly most effective) for us to meet new exciting suppliers and taste their products. Big share of our old world portfolio came through the APVSA.»

United Stars – Ontario


« As probably the first person to participate in all the APVSA wine tastings in Vancouver since the very beginning, I am happy to say that over the years I’ve discovered many interesting and exciting wines and spirits during these tasting events.

The event format is casual and allows the buyer to move freely through the wines being offered. The participation of the winery principals is very informative and allows us to speak directly with them regarding any opportunities in our market.

As importers, we are thankful for having been introduced to several key products which are still in our portfolio after many years.

Thank you APVSA for the many years of professionalism and above all, friendship.»

Enoteca Bacco – Colombie Britannique


« The APVSA has been a vital instrument in the way the WineSmith Company has been able to grow over the last two years.»

WineSmith Company – Atlanta


« I’ve been to several APVSA tastings in Chicago the past few years. I feel that APVSA does a very good job with their tastings. I also like the location for their Chicago tasting (Troquet River North). I really appreciate it when the producers are at the tasting. It’s always great to talk to the producers that are presenting their wines, as you learn more about the producer’s wine making style and vineyard management.»

Vine Tasters – Illinois


« The tastings are good for us, We recently started Importing Liebart-Regnier Champagne, who we met at the tasting. Also we will be meeting with Le Devoy Martine this week.»

Vinea Imports – Washington


« I attended the last tasting which was held in Winnipeg in May 2015. I tasted some great Champagnes and met some very nice suppliers. From this tasting I was able to get 6 new listings for the suppliers which. Had never sold their products in Manitoba before. I will certainly attend the next tasting Winnipeg if I am invited.»

Pierce Distillers Agency – Manitoba


« THANK YOU very much for the great show.  I must say, the presentations and wines you’re showing are continuing to improve a lot.»

Choice Import Agencies – Colombie Britannique


« I’ve witnessed the APVSA’s evolvement almost since its first introduction/tasting in Toronto. Pascal has been invaluable in that he has facilitated my making inroads with many producers who, in many cases have, to various degrees of success, made inroads in the Ontario market.»

Appellation Wine – Ontario


« I do like how you organize these tastings. Thumb up.»

Lamprecht International – Ontario


« The wine tasting event I went to in Miami was excellent. Please keep me informed for future events.»

Veritas Wine – Floride


“I find the tastings generally worthwhile and occasionally you stumble on a gem. […] we have come close with a few suppliers introduced to us by APVSA at previous tastings and look forward to future events; every once and a while we hit a winner!

Ted & Bob’s Fine Organic Wines – Ontario