Tasting & Events

We organize more than 50 wine tastings and events every year throughout the whole continent of North America. This provides the opportunity for the winegrowers and the buyers to meet each other and develop quality durable business relationships.

The wines and spirits we present during our tastings have all been meticulously selected and are directly introduced to the buyers by the winemaker himself or by a member of our team.

Past events

All minutes of our previous events are available for all our members on request. We also invite you to view videos memories of our tours on our YouTube channel.


The Wine’Ter is Coming tour :


The Born to be Wine tour :

The Winederful tour:

Service + for busy winemakers

Too busy to prepare or send invitations, to fly to the other side of the Atlantic or to ensure an efficient follow-up? We have created a special service to ensure you will not miss those steps. We can do it for you! If you would like to get more information about our premium services, feel free to contact us at info@apvsa.ca