The 3rd edition of our Members’ Catalog is coming soon….



The 2nd edition of our Members’ Catalog is here!

The APVSA is proud to present to you the 2nd edition of our Members Catalog 2016.
This catalog is available to the north-America buyers so they can discover the products of our members that they wish to incorporate to their portfolio. This catalogue offer to our members a great visibility.


VINORESTO: Our new gastronomic contest

On September 8th, the 1st edition of the contest VINORESTO took place at Montreal. An occasion during which 18 restaurant owners and sommeliers of the Montreal region chose the wines most likely to satisfy the Canadian consumer.
A competition greatly appreciated by the professionals attending the event and for which we are pleased to announce the winners.

The APVSA’s team want to congratulate Romain Barreau from Domaine Barreau, champion of the “Red Wine” category with his Gaillac 2014 “Rouge Tradition”, and José Felix Arriezu from Arriezu Vineyards, winner in the “White Wine” category with his 2014 organic “Verdejo D.O. Rueda”.

The “Rouge Tradition” 2014 from the Domaine Barreau has obtained the highest score in the “Blind Tasting” category which assessed the quality of the product according with criteria’s of “color”, “nose” and “in mouth”. While in the second part of the tasting, that assessed the physical characteristics of the wine bottle, the wine of Romain Barreau came in second place.
The “Verdejo D.O. Rueda” 2014 of J.F. Arriezu has proved to be the most equilibrated wine since it’s the only wine presented in the “White Wine” category to have obtained the highest notes in the 2 parts of the contest.

Congratulations to our two members for their victory and the private order they have won!


BIOCLOCK at New York

During our tasting in New York, on September 24th 2015, the APVSA highlighted the organic wines with the BIOCLOCK event.
More than 10 wines of several French producers have delighted the importers and distributors from New York that have shown, once again, the organic wines are highly appreciated.


“La Cave du Mélomane” on Radio Classique

You can find Pascal’s radio show “La Cave du Mélomane” on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. This new season, we are happy to present you our new radio show “Parfaitement…dit vin”. On this occasion, restaurateurs and APVSA’s members work together to offer to the audience an alliance between tasty dishes and excellent wines that Pascal will be delighted to promote. Bon appêtit!


Conquering new markets: New Orleans, Atlanta, Winnipeg and Porto Rico

The APVSA is always ready to explore new markets to offer to our members the most attractive cities to present their wines. Since our January 2015 tour, the buyers from New Orleans can enjoy a selection of quality wines that delight the French Quarter. And on September 2015, our delegation of winemakers visited the beautiful Porto Rico Island where the Spanish producers were really successful. The APVSA keeps innovating and we are now working on new destinations so our members can continue their growth on the north-American market.