FAQ Bohe’Wine Rhapsody

1 – Why are there so many cities for this virtual tour?

Through the years, our association has been assisting their wine-growing members to develop their exports to the United States and Canada. However, most of them are still looking for new markets. This is why we wanted to extend our field of action to new regions. Besides it’s remotely, so the more, the merrier!

This summer goal is: prospection.

2 – Why is the membership free this year?

Considering the impact of the Great Confinement caused by the spread of the virus, we decided to:

  • Offer an additional year membership to all our members.
  • Winemakers willing to pay a membership in 2020 is difficult and economically binding. To remediate to this, we offer a temporary free membership for 2020 so they can try our services, which admittedly, take place in exceptional circumstances.

3 – How many buyers and commercial agents will participate?

As a rule of thumb, we have between 200 and 250 importers, distributors and sales agents attending our tastings for a dozen cities. Our next tour is taking place in 60 cities in 9 countries, therefore we hope to exceed this figure.

4 – How are you going to obtain the meetings?

To obtain the meetings with the buyers, first we will send them the list of winegrowers registered for the virtual tasting and their wines, along with the registration form and the event schedule. Once registered, we will contact them one by one to schedule the meetings. 

5 – How does the shipping of the samples work for this event?

Like in the previous events, the logistics are managed by our partner carriers: VignobleExport and Côte d’Or Imports. The difference is that the wines have to reach the locations 2 weeks before the event. Considering that sea and plane are considered for the shipping.

You are free to hire yours, however, make sure that they know the shipping procedures and custom clearance in the countries of the selected cities. In such a case, keep track of your samples and let us know about the delivery.

6 – How do the meetings with the buyers work?

There will be two options of meeting:

If you have an video-conference with a distributor or an agent in Canada, they will previously select your wines and have them tasted by their teams or their customers. The tasting will take place as scheduled in the event agenda which you will be able to join and interact. For much it will depend on the technical capabilities of the participants. The teleconferencing tools can be: Zoom, Cisco Webex, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Skype, …

To meeting with the importers is almost the same. The difference is that the importer sells directly to the distributor, and in some cases they are also a distributor and can directly introduce your product to the retailers. This of course varies according to the countries’ specifics.

7 – What happens if a buyer has an interest for one of my wines and does not want to wait up to the event?

Obviously, you won’t have to wait for the virtual tasting event. The customer is king ! If the buyer wants to speed up, we can organize a tasting to satisfy both parties. This scenario happens regularly during our classic roadshows. Business is business!

8 – I would like to register to 5 cities happening on the same day?

We hope that you will have 5 meetings on the same day, and in this case it will be possible either to postpone them or to be represented by members of your family ready to negotiate, or by a sales representative. However, the appointments depends on the buyers’ time, we will manage on a case-by-case basis. Hence the interest in choosing a maximum number of cities to increase your chances to being selected by the buyers, especially in new markets.

9 – How comes that the membership is free, yet there are fees for registering to the cities?

The logistics of organizing such an event meetings, performing the market research in new markets, editing and sending the catalog required human and material resources. The US$250 participation fee is used to financing all the planning. The APVSA has operational expenditures and human resources costs that we try to keep very low to avoid impacting our members. Contact Pascal Fernand.

10 – What is the guarantee on the quality of the work and the results?

For 20 years, we have assisted over 200 motivated winegrowers to develop their exports to the North American market; our experience and know-how remain the best guarantee that we can offer you. To have maximum results, we recommend you to choose as many cities as you can. You only pay half.

11 – So they won’t be any local wine tasting this year like in the past?

In the light of the sanitary crisis due to the virus causing a pandemic, not all borders will reopen the same time. This year the party will be behind our screens. To launch the event, we will meet the day before to welcome everyone.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Pascal Fernand, who will be happy to help.

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FAQ of Bohe’Wine Rhapsody Professional Virtual Tasting tour.