Export services

In order to best guide you during your export development to North America and because we want to save your time, we have developed several services suitable for your needs:

Step by step guidance (logistic and administrative support)

We offer to you our expertise of American and Canadian markets. Our team is dedicated to your success. By phone or email, we strive to quickly answer your questions and to provide you with the tools and information which will help you achieve your goals.

Wine Tasting Tours and Virtual Trade Shows

Year-round, we meet importers, distributors, agents and important retailers. Our events cover most American States and Canadian provinces. For you, it is a great opportunity to encounter buyers and build durable business partnerships. As an APVSA member, you may participate in more than 50 tastings every year. We help you to target the best buyers to best meet your objectives and means.

Participation in trade shows

In order to increase the visibility of members’ products, we select the most important trade shows in North America and present the wines and spirits they produce.

Connection with our buyers network, market research assistance and commercial follow-up

Connect you with qualified buyers to guide you in your choice for the best business partner.

Registration to publications and competitions of reference

Americans and Canadians care a lot about awards and scores when buying wines. The APVSA wants to simplify the access to these true “passports” toward a successful export in North America.

The decisions Americans and Canadians make when buying wines are heavily influenced by awards and scores.  The APVSA wants to expedite your access to these true “passports” toward successful export in North America. We give you the essential information to participate in the competitions which matter. We can also help with the logistic aspect.

Out of health crisis, Pascal Fernand travels across Europe, mainly to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and many other countries, to proceed to a thorough selection of the wines which we will be presenting for the years to come.

Feel free to schedule an appointment now with no obligation to subscribe
info@apvsa.ca – +1 514 844 9993 (ext 222)

In order to save you time, we are offering a Premium Service: exclusive or semi-exclusive representation, creation and sending of personalized invitations in your name, commercial follow-up (this offer is available for our members only – on quote)