As informed to our members back in March 2020, the global pandemic pushed the wine industry to adapt into new ways of promotion of their business to reach remotely the markets. All the main wine & spirits trade shows were cancelled and in most of the countries, the gatherings are, until a cure or vaccine is found, forbidden.

The APVSA, an association whose scope of activity is the active promotion of wine and spirits in North America, founded in 1999 by Pascal Fernand. and celebrating 20 years of organizing tasting events in North America, launched on March 2020 their division APVSA Virtual Events with a series of thematic wine and spirits events, to support their members and assist them to overcome this worldwide sanitary crisis.

The APVSA Roadshow have always been exclusively B2B roadshows for the wine import-export industry. Today, the videoconferences adhere to the same model.

The video-conferences with importers and producers have been providing us with numerous heartwarming testimonies which can be read hereafter.

DigitalWine Trade Fair from June 28-30, 2021

How do the APVSA Virtual Events work?

Our APVSA Virtual Events are video-conferences or 3D trade show during which wineries and distilleries across the World present their products to the buyers part of our network of 4500 importers, distributors, traders looking, some of them looking to source new wines and spirits in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

For the Zoom on the Regions, the program is simple and highly effective: during a 2-hour entertaining videoconference, active importers looking to source new wines and spirits to complete their portfolio will attend a series of winegrowers’ individual presentations. These presentations are short, entertaining and allow you to understand the winery at a glance. Like in a speed-dating, the APVSA Virtual Events puts them in contact to start developing business relationship.

The APVSA network of 4500 buyers across North America and the Caribbean are invited to a series of thematic events:

For the videoconferences 10 to 15 previously selected wine &/or spirits producers participate on the videoconference. The APVSA does not puts any restriction on the number of winegrowers from an appellation. Our events are intended to help the presenters to promote their wines.

Depending on the region, each videoconference gathers an average of 30 to 50 qualified importers, distributors or commercial agents of the network. On the other hand, we also invite sommeliers, critics, and wine writers as observers to cover the event.

The DigitalWine Trade Fair in January 2021 gathered 60 exhibitors but allows up to 100. Qualified buyers visited from 28 countries but primarily from USA, Canada and Mexico.


  • Registrations open as soon as the event is created.
  • Winegrowers
    • the registrations close 8 days prior to the event or before if the exhibitor spaces are sold out. In such case, the APVSA Virtual Events open a waiting list.
    • The catalogue profiles can be updated at any time.
    • They are exposed to a large number of buyers willing to source wines as importers, distributors or commercial agents.
  • Buyers:
    • They receive the list of exhibitors 6 days prior to the event
    • The registrations close 12h prior to the event. After that, they need to request invitation to info@apvsa.ca
    • During the presentation, the buyer will select the wines of their interest among the exhibitors, ask questions and interact with the producers during and after the event.
  • The APVSA is available at Montreal working hours 8am-5pm to assist both producers and buyers on any questions about the samples and the upcoming series of events.
  • After the event:
    • the link to the slide-deck (pdf) is shared to all the participants
    • Any of the registered participants can request the recording of the event.


Options and pricing are as follows:

  • APVSA members
    • Video-conferences where buyers from USA, Canada, Mexico, countries of the Caribbean looking to source wines are invited : 300 USD per winery
    • DigitalWine Trade Fairs from USD750
  • Non-APVSA members
    • Video-conferences where buyers from USA, Canada, Mexico, countries of the Caribbean looking to source wines are invited : 350 USD per winery
    • DigitalWine Trade Fairs USD 1100

The cost includes:

  • Preparation meetings in different languages.
  • Assistance to make the most out of the exhibitors’ participation, their image, define their export strategy, A&P plan, the selection of the wines according to the country, and free translations of materials.
  • Being included in the APVSA Exhibitors Catalogue of the event
  • Meeting schedule and video functionality.
  • Advice on samples shipping optimization to North America and share reliable companies that can perform the shipping without setbacks.
  • The time allotted for the presentation will vary depending on the type of event.

1. Participation fee

The participation fees are due upon registration and confirmation by the organization. Once paid, the amount is not refundable, unless it is related to point 5 below “Event cancellation”.

2. Preparation meeting

The preparation meeting helps the winegrowers to understand their implication during the event, what is expected from them, what they can expect from the buyers, becoming familiar with the video-conference system, to perform a short rehearsal, do’s and don’ts and a Q&A.

3. Winery information and wine details

The winery is responsible for filling the forms with full contact details, list the wines and or spirits (up to 4 on the PPT, and up to 8 on the catalogue), share HR quality photos, HD logo, a PPT presentation and full information for export at least 10 days prior the events.

4. Videoconferencing platform

APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events use the professional services of CISCO WEBEX platform longtime used by large world corporations.

APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events reserve the right, without penalty, to change event features, dates, venue and/or online platform as it deems necessary for the successful delivery of the event.

5. Event cancellation

If APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events cancel the event for any reason other than those stated in the force majeure clauses, APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events shall refund the event participation fee, minus bank fees if any. In the event that APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events cancels or postpones the event or otherwise amends or alters the event due to circumstances beyond its control (“force majeure” and including without limitation, any war, government action, strike, natural disaster, lockout or other industrial action), APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the winery or repayment of any monies to the winery.

6. Results of the Event: like in a real life trade show, the winery is exposed to a larger number of buyers, being business driven, present and offer adapted to the market, make a wise selection of the buyers to whom they will send the samples. Remember that no buyer will ever buy wines without tasting. APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events shall not be considered accountable for any lack pro-activity by the winery.

The APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events shall not be considered accountable for any technical issue faced by the winery and preventing them to connect to the event.

7. APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events terms and conditions

The winery agrees to abide by the rules, terms, and conditions of the APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events videoconferences.

8. Indemnity

The winery hereby indemnifies and holds APVSA and APVSA Virtual Events harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, which are incurred by the winery, its agents and employees in connection with participating in the event.

9. Terms of the contract

a) The terms of Agreement are Mutual Agreement, confidential and for the use of the Winery only.
b) This agreement shall be governed by and executed in accordance with the laws of Quebec, Canada.